Dharmadev and Bhakti mata Smarak

A) Dharmadev and Bhaktimata’s ota.

The place is on the eastern tank of Narayan Sarovar. The mortal remains of the parnets here brought and kept here from Ayodhya by Ram Pratapbhai and ota were constructed.

b). At a short distance from Narayan Sarovar the East, is kalidatt ota which carries the feet replica of the lord. It was here that the Guru of the evils Balidatta was condemmed.

The legend is that, while the Cusla Sanskar (one of the sixteen religious rites to be performed doing the life hime, related to the removed of hairs of the need after birth) was being performed the parents of the lord were busy attending the guests. The Lord with his friends, went to the nearby or child and started eating mangoes. Balidatt by his wicked knowledgibility created the natural disaster forces creating fear amongst children who started running around. The lord quietly sat under the mango tree which fell and got rearranged as Chhattra on him. Balidatt wandered to search for the lord and was repeated by the falling trees resulting into his demise, which who ended his wicked atmosphere created.

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