Three cornered filed

Shri Dharmadev had cultivated corn and CO-Lit together in the three cornered filed. The farm labourer were busy removing the needs when the lord arrived there to cal! Shri Dhannadev. The Lord also started removing needs when feeling that this would result in the death of enormous no of lives, He started removing the [4013t this was conveyed to Shri Rampratapbhai who came to the fields. As he raised his hand to punish the Lord, the later transformed to Chaturbhuj (four handed) darshan and conveyed his might Shri Rampratapbhai apologised for his behaviour having felt satisfied with the darshan.

The lord have converted bitter to sweet one other days after the above incidence for maternal uncle Shri Vashrambhai. The filed is on the south of the Narayan Sarovar having an out with the feet replica of the Bhagwan.

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